Would you like to help fellow parishioners prepare for the test for US citizenship?

St John Neumann is hoping to offer classes and tutoring for parishioners – and others – who are preparing to take the Naturalization Test as part of their effort to obtain US citizenship.  We need volunteers to help in designing the program, administering it, teaching the classes, and tutoring students.

The Naturalization Test consists of 100 civics questions that citizenship applicants must be prepared to answer when they take the test. When they take the test, they will be asked ten of the questions.

  • Teachers and tutors should have enthusiasm, some familiarity with US history and the US Constitution, and a desire to help people become US citizens.
  • Instruction is based on the 100 questions that are on the Naturalization Test.
  • The program also will need volunteers to help organize and implement it.

If you are interested, please contact John Dister at citizenship.sjn@gmail.com.