Welcome to the SJN Confirmation Program for Teens. In general, we begin preparing for Confirmation in the spring of 8th grade for all teens who are eligible for and desire to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation. The Sacrament is then celebrated in the fall of 9th grade.

Information for the upcoming Confirmation Preparation Program will be sent by mail and email for all eligible teens in late-April. Please contact Angela Davis or Eric Munoz if you have any questions.

Below is information for those who will be registered in the Teen Confirmation prep program this year and are planning to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation in the Fall of 2023! You should have received information regarding this in the mail. If you have not received a mailing from us and believe that you are eligible, please contact us immediately.

Action Items and Important Updates/Reminders

SPONSOR CERTIFICAT OF ELIGIBILITY – All sponsors who are not members of our St. John Neumann parish should have obtained their certificates and sent them in to our office. If your sponsor has not completed this, please ensure that it is done as soon as possible. To obtain a certificate, the sponsor must contact their parish who should have certificates and be able to let the sponsor know what their process is for obtaining one. Certificates can be submitted to Betsy (bpuzzanghero@saintjn.org).


SAINT NAME FORM – The Saint Name Form is now live! Please ensure that this is completed accurately by August 28th. Complete that HERE!




See the most updated version of our prep calendar here.

See the information that our Bishop would like all Confirmation Candidates to be familiar with.