LRSS Bible Study – The Eucharist in Scripture

Join other parishioners this spring for a 5 week study and explore the biblical theme of meals shared in faithful fellowship and in covenant relationship with God. Old Testament meals and promises provide a foundation for gospel meals with Jesus, culminating in the Last Supper as it is understood throughout the New Testament. Jesus’ bread of life discourse and the early church’s practice of “breaking bread” are also explored. Using study materials from the premier Catholic Bible study program, Little Rock Scripture Study, we are able to get a fuller understanding of how to bring the joy of the Gospels into our daily lives.

All are welcome to join one of multiple small groups that meet at various times throughout the week beginning in early October. Groups will determine whether to meet in person, online via zoom or hybrid. See registration form for details.

Tuition is $15 and scholarships are available.


Register and pay online here

or Download the registration form.


Grow spiritually and deepen your personal relationship with God through study, prayer, and reflection in weekly small group meetings, which include recorded presentations by noted Scripture scholars.

Multiple groups meet at various times throughout the week. You may choose the day and time that works best for you.

Two courses, with a study guide, are offered per year – one in the fall and another in the spring.

For additional information please contact Jean Lupinacci.