The Cursillo [cur SEE yo], is a Lay Catholic movement that takes its name from Cursillos in Cristiandad, Spanish for “short courses in Christianity.”

The Cursillo is an opportunity to examine and celebrate yourself, your relationship with Christ, and your relationship with the Christian community. It begins with a retreat lasting three days and is usually held over a weekend.

We continue to grow in the community after the weekend through weekly Group Reunions. We help each other and hold each other accountable in growing in our faith through sharing our efforts of :

piety – what we do to grow in holiness

study – learning; the bridge between holiness and helping our neighbor, and

action – bringing our Christian values to bear in all our environments.

The joy of knowing Christ is such that it produces the desire to introduce others to Him. There is no better gift one can give to a friend than an introduction to the Master of the Universe. We believe that inviting our friends to a Cursillo is one of the best ways for this to happen.

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