We are a group of parishioners selected by the Pastor and Parish Nurse who are committed to helping individuals and families suffering from the disease of addiction. Each member of this ministry is a volunteer, although some may hold a professional license. We do not provide counseling, rather guidance and support.

Mission Statement

To support individuals and families within our Faith Community who are struggling with substance-use disorder issues, to provide confidential resource and referral information, to foster an environment of prevention and education regarding the disease of addiction, and to promote physical, spiritual, and emotional wellness to all those affected by this disease.


  • To promote a non-judgmental attitude regarding the disease of substance-use disorder (addiction) within the SJN Faith Community by fostering an environment of acceptance, open discussion and understanding.
  • To encourage parishioners struggling with this disease to seek support within our Faith Community.
  • To provide up-to-date resources and support for individuals and families who are in crisis, for those in recovery, and for those who are grieving.
  • Through our presence, dialog, and discussion, to help shift the attitude of shame and stigma to one of courage and perseverance in the understanding and treatment of this chronic disease.
  • To offer continuing education for parishioners regarding the many facets of this deadly disease and how it affects the individual and the family.
  • To promote prevention activities that we can implement in our homes and our communities to help raise awareness and reduce the risk of addiction.


We provide confidential information and support to encourage those suffering from the disease of addiction to get the help they need. Addiction is a family disease, and it is not just the substance user who is affected. Our resources touch all phases of addiction: counseling, treatment, support groups, and grief resources, both local and regional. We receive no fee for service or benefit for referral.

Contact Us

You can email us at sjnrecovery@saintjn.org or call the Parish Nurse at 703-390-2349.