About the Music Program at St. John Neumann

The arts have long been an integral part and tradition in the life of the Catholic church. As stated by Pope John Paul II “The church needs the arts especially for its liturgy which – all in all – is meant to be a work of art inspired by faith, drawing upon all the creative forces of architecture, sculpture and painting, music and poetry.” (12 September 1983) Through the various ministries available in the church, the arts are used to enhance the worship life of the community here at St. John Neumann. In addition to providing music at Mass, we offer occasional concerts which provide an opportunity for the community at large to hear some very fine musical offerings from different artists.


Video recording of St. John Neumann Choir singing “Be At Peace”, by Christopher D. Hogan. The hymn is based on a prayer by St Francis de Sales. (The recording was made during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the choir has now resumed live performance at Mass).