In late 2012, SJN welcomed a part-time Parish Nurse to our staff. Susan Infeld, RN, BSN, FCN, supports our pastoral care team by extending the reach of spiritual care to include health and wellness promotion, disease prevention, health education, and guidance.
The Parish Nurse offers prayerful support with visits to the sick and homebound, consultant services for dementia issues, hospice and palliative care and other diverse medical concerns. She supports as health navigator and advocate as well as a trusted referral resource for our faith community. Service is confidential.
The Parish Nurse does NOT offer clinical, hands-on physician-directed care and does NOT take the place of your health care provider.
To contact our Parish Nurse, email or call 703-390-2349.

The SJN Booklet “What Do I Do Now? Advance Planning for the Health Crisis” is available for digital download. Additionally, the Advance Medical Directive (AMD) Grid and fiduciary worksheets resourced in the back of the print and digital booklet are also available for download.
If you would like a hard copy of this booklet, please contact the Susan Infeld, Parish Nurse, at or stop by the Parish Office.