SPOT a Stroke, STOP a Stroke, SAVE a life! Seasons of Wellness Zoom-May 11 

Every 40 seconds, someone in our country becomes the victim of a stroke, and every four minutes, a stroke kills someone. Strokes are the number one cause of death and permanent disability. Join our Parish Nurse and Dana Rizzo RN from Waltonwood Senior Living for another “Seasons of Wellness” Zoom presentation on Wednesday, May 11 at 10:30 am, as we look at what a stroke looks like!

We could alter 80% of those statistics if people recognized the signs of a stroke and sought early medical intervention, but most victims don’t arrive quickly enough for treatment.

With stroke, minutes, even seconds MATTER. But, first, someone must recognize the symptoms and call 911.

Spotting the signs of stroke is the first step to altering a fateful medical course.

To register: email Susan Infeld, Parish Nurse:

Our May 11 Zoom is the FIRST STEP in SJN parish education as we move toward becoming a “Stroke Smart Faith Community.” Together, we can save lives!