The St. John Neumann Liturgy Committee represents the “view from the pew” and provides suggestions and ideas for the staff Liturgy Committee to consider implementing to enhance our liturgies.

Liturgy Committee members:

  • Typically meet seven times over the course of the year in the evening; normally there is no more than one meeting in a given month.
  • Prepare for meetings by reviewing the readings for the upcoming Sundays and seasonal Holy Days.
  • Share their reflections on themes and images from these readings and any thoughts as to how they can be reflected in the liturgies of the season being discussed.  Agreed upon ideas and suggestions are forwarded to the staff liturgy committee for their consideration or implementation.
  • Reflect on liturgies that occurred since the previous meeting and provide their feedback, and feedback that they have heard from others, on what went well and what could be improved.  As above, agreed upon ideas and suggestions are forwarded to the staff liturgy committee.
  • Participate in special projects.  Examples from the past include:
    • Setting up and providing information on the Jesse Tree for Advent
    • Writing statements for the bulletin throughout the year on putting one’s faith in action
    • Implementing the Gifts of Joy Christmas activity in which parishioners were asked to share personal reflections
    • Reviewing and addressing of liturgy-related items from the recent parish survey and offering suggestions for addressing concerns raised by fellow parishioners throughout the year

No special experience or talents are required to be a Liturgy Committee member, though if you have participated in other areas of ministry which interact with liturgies, such as music, arts, and environment, Children’s Liturgy of the Word, RCIA, or Religious Education, it is an added plus, as the committee would appreciate these perspectives.

As a member, the most important qualification is a desire to help develop the best liturgical environment and experiences that we can offer to the whole community at St. John Neumann.

For more information contact Tricia Russman.