Salesian- [suh-leez-juhn]

Salesian Spirituality is a lived and lively tradition inspired by St. Francis de Sales (1567-1622) and St. Jane de Chantal (1572-1641). It emphasizes common sense and the power of doing little, ordinary and everyday things for God and others with great passion and great love. It is a down-to-earth way of living the Gospel of Jesus Christ…wherever you find yourself.

St. Francis de Sales tells each of us to “bloom where we are planted.” This spirituality offers practical ideas on how to journey through the spiritual life with great hope and joy as we embrace the duties of “where we are planted” and respond to the universal call to holiness. It’s a “spirituality of the heart” as relevant today as in the time of St. Francis and St. Jane, an all-embracing, down-to-earth spirituality for everyone.

The charism of the Oblates is to live Jesus according to the Spiritual Directory, of St. Francis de Sales whose end and means are in union with the will of God.  We are grateful to our lay colleagues, with whom we live Jesus, to call us to a deeper embrace of our commitment to the Gospel.

The mission of the Congregation is to grow as a religious community in loving union with God and with each other, to share our charism with the People of God, and affirm them in “living Jesus” as the needs of the Church dictate. Following the example of our founder, Blessed Louis Brisson, and in accordance with the spirit of St. Francis de Sales, we Oblates place ourselves under the guidance of the Holy See in the pursuit of this mission.

We Oblates strive to accomplish our mission by the practice of the Spiritual Directory and observance of the Constitutions and Provincial Statutes. We live the vows of chastity, poverty, and obedience, normally within a common life, based on Salesian spirituality and fraternal love. We believe in the value of prayer that is both personal and supportive. The right and duty of each Oblate is to utilize his personal talents and charisms for the good of the Church while supporting and being supported by our Oblate community. As an integral part of the Church, we are called to spread among the People of God, the spirit and doctrine of St. Francis de Sales, as intended by our founder, Blessed Louis Brisson.

As Christian humanists, we believe in the dignity, worth and responsible liberty of each person and we try to approach each person in a gentle and humble way while fostering peace and justice in the world community. Therefore, we value our participation in Christian education, missions, and other pastoral ministries.