Getting the News at St. John Neumann

If you ever catch yourself wondering what’s going on around the parish, here are some ways you can satisfy that curiosity:

  1. Visit our “Weekly Bulletin” page at the top of or subscribe to our bulletin e-mail service here.


  1. Subscribe to our monthly newsletter, published on the first Saturday of each month. To subscribe, visit and scroll to the bottom of the page, the subscription form is on the right side.


  1. Follow us on Social Media, Facebook and Instagram at St. John Neumann Catholic Community, and on Twitter
    at RestonSt, we update these frequently throughout the week.


  1. Don’t forget about our Narthex Screen, right above the Parish Welcome Desk, on your left as you enter the building. The screen
    highlights all of our upcoming events.


We have the news! We hope you are getting it!