SJN participates in the All Saints Car Raffle each year. Raffle tickets go on sale in February and benefit several causes each year.

The 2019 Car Raffle sales at SJN raised a total of $20,000:

 Thank you for making a difference!

Helping Hungry Kids (HHK) of Northern Virginia, an all-volunteer program that provides weekend food bags and snacks to Fairfax County elementary school children who might otherwise go hungry, received a $4,500 donation from the 2020 Car Raffle. In August 2020, St. John Neumann received a thank you letter, which included:

“Due to the support from compassionate donors like yourself, HHK is able to truly make a difference in our students’ lives. Even in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, HHK is assisting the needy school children in our community thanks to the generous support of you and others …

Dogwood Elementary reached out to us early on, after schools were shut down to see if we could try and continue making bags for their students. Dogwood is a Title I school and has a large community of students in need. HHK gives 160 weekend food bags/week to Dogwood through the school year, and that only serves half the school each week. We have been using the remainder of our inventory, along with other donations Dogwood is receiving, and have been able to help provide 300 bags on Fridays at Dogwood. They are a ‘grab-n-go’ site for Fairfax County meals, so the students can get their meals, and take a bag of food for the weekend.

Please know that your support is both appreciated and put to good use at this critical time.”