This exceptional writer and preacher taught that

• “Being who you are and being that well” is the truest way to bring honor to the Creator.
• Living out daily “little” virtues like kindness, generosity, gentleness, and honesty, lead a person’s heart to the heart of God.

In his time, he served as Bishop of Geneva and was considered a:

• Gifted spiritual director
• Reformer
• Evangelist and catechist

Francis was a contemporary of Shakespeare and Galileo during a rich and tumultuous time in European history.

After his death, Francis de Sales was known as the Gentleman Saint for his gentle, loving spirit and approachable ways as a loving friend. Those characteristics are what makes him and his teachings so accessible and meaningful to us today.

For centuries, Saint Francis and his writings have inspired numerous religious and lay communities. His teaching on “The Universal Call to Holiness” was embraced most fully in the teachings of Vatican II and resounds in the church of today and tomorrow.