WHO: Creative individuals AND “worker bees.”

WHAT: Design, “build,” place, and, ultimately, tear-down decorations for Christmas and Easter, and other seasons of the church year.

WHEN: We meet irregularly on Friday afternoons during “peak season” to discuss ideas and make plans for building, decorating, etc. Some building and creating is scheduled as the “builders’” schedules allow, but most actual decorating begins on appropriate days at 9:30 AM in the morning (after 9:00 AM daily mass.) Tear-down can be a bit more loosely scheduled according to the schedules of the helpers.

WHERE: Most meetings are at the church, but we usually have a “De-briefing lunch” a couple of weeks after the season has passed to toss around ideas about how we can improve the next year.

CONTACT: Wanda Cooke at (703) 476-6894.

So, whether you want to design or just lend a hand the Arts and Environment Committee needs you!

Worship the Lord with the creative talents He gave you!