Masked restaurant workers pose in front of a table with food packaged to go
Staff of Lucia’s in Fox Mill ready to deliver a hot Italian meal to the Embry Rucker Shelter in April.

The unusual times of the coronavirus pandemic require novel solutions to provide food to our local brothers and sisters in need. Please continue to support the Shelter Meal Program sponsored by St. John Neumann.

Thank you to the many generous donors who have financed meals to local shelters through local restaurants from August through October 2020. The staff and clients at the shelters as well as the staff and management of the local restaurants strongly appreciate the program.

This program will continue through at least January 2021 when we will re-assess the needs at the shelters. Until then, three meals a month will be prepared and delivered by a local restaurant to local shelters.

If you can contribute again or contribute for the first time, please learn more about how you can support the program with a financial donation through SJN. Thank you for considering being a part of this effort. We hope every donor feels a sense of solidarity and satisfaction in being a part of the Shelter Meal Program at SJN.

The following meals have been provided from August to October 2020:

Date Shelter Number Served Restaurant Menu
12-Aug Embry Rucker Community Shelter 70 Santini’s New York Style Deli Ziti with meat and salad
24-Aug The Lamb Center 45 Anita’s New Mexico Style Mexican Food Jumbo lunch burritos
26-Aug Embry Rucker 70 Lucia’s Italian Ristorante Meat lasagna with salad and rolls
29-Aug The Lamb Center 45 Anita’s Breakfast burritos
9-Sep Embry Rucker 70 Santini’s Chicken parmesan with salad
23-Sep Embry Rucker 70 Lucia’s Cheese tortellini with salad and rolls
7-Oct Embry Rucker 70 Santini’s Lasagna with salad
21-Oct Embry Rucker 70 Lucia’s Chicken alfredo with salad and rolls
31-Oct The Lamb Center 45 Anita’s Breakfast burritos