SJN 2022 Hypothermia Prevention

SJN Hypothermia Prevention Shelter January 16-23, 2022     We’re back!

Fairfax County established a hypothermia prevention program 17 years ago to keep homeless people from freezing. Each week, a different faith community hosts homeless guests.  This is the fourteenth year St. John Neumann has supported the program by sheltering guests at our facility. Our faith partners are St. Thomas à Becket, St. Marks and Congregation Beth Emeth. We will host up to 70 guests from Sunday evening, January 16, 2022 through Sunday morning, January 23, 2022.  Our shelter will be facilitated by FACETS (Fairfax Area Christian Emergency and Transitional Services) and New Hope Housing (Baileys) staff members.

Visit our SignUp Genius site and scroll down to view all volunteer positions. Positions are arranged by date. Job descriptions and number of volunteers needed are listed for each job.  To sign up, click on “sign up” at your selected job and date.  This will take you to the registration window where you will provide your name and contact information. Use the drop down box to select your faith community. Two phone numbers are required in case we need to contact you quickly.  An email address required to set up your account.  We will use it to send you reminders, and you need it to request a swap with another volunteer.  The next time you sign in to SignUpGenius, the website will ask you for your account email and password — you won’t have to register again. Your account from past years will work this year as well.

Additional Important Information About SJN 2022 Hypothermia Prevention

  • All volunteers must be 18 years or older and fully vaccinated
  • Please sign up each volunteer individually
  • Both a home AND work or cell phone number are required in case we need to contact you at the last minute
  • Making changes: See note aboveOnce you volunteer, you will receive one reminder from SignUpGenius two weeks before your volunteer slot, and another 2 days before your slot.  SignUpGenius will send you an email confirmation only if you request it when you sign up. We recommend requesting one.Alternates will not be used unless a volunteer signed up for a particular slot is unable to work, or if we don’t get the required number of volunteers. If a volunteer knows in advance that they cannot fulfill the obligation, they can request a swap with you.  In some cases, alternates will not know if they are needed until the last minute.  If you sign up as an alternate, you have committed yourself to that time.  Please avoid making other plans; if we call you at the last minute, it means someone is sick, and we really need to be able to count on you.GENERAL VOLUNTEER TRAINING: There are two training date options:
  • 1.  9:00-10:00 am via Zoom Saturday, January 8
  • 2. 7:00-8:00 pm via Zoom Tuesday, January 11
  • Who needs to attend training?  Anyone who has not already attended an SJN HPW training.  This is a unique year, so you might want to attend so that all your Covid questions can be answered. All volunteers should look at the FACETS slideshow, which we will provide. Details will follow.

Changes due to COVID-19:

1. Reminder: only fully vaccinated volunteers are invited to participate on-site. It is strongly suggested that people in vulnerable health groups not volunteer on-site. A  non-profit (FACETS or Baileys) staff member will screen each volunteer and guest prior to entry. However, our guests are not required to be vaccinated or tested at regular intervals.  Non-profit staff are required to be vaccinated. There will be 7-8 non-profit staff members present at all times.

2. On-site volunteer slots are limited due to Covid restrictions. FACETS and Baileys staff will provide most guest services. Should COVID-19 spike, FACETS and Baileys staff are prepared to provide all guest services, and the faith communities will just provide meals. See the parish website or bulletin for additional off-site volunteer opportunities.

3. A variety of ministries will be assigned to prepare dinner for each night.  Those slots are not on this signup.  Check with the ministries you participate in to see how you can help.

4. Masking and strict social distancing procedures will be in place.  Guests are not required to be masked while eating or sleeping, so volunteers will have limited contact with guests during meals and no contact with guests during sleeping hours.

5.  Transportation will be provided by the non-profits, not volunteers.

6.  Please request a replacement either by swapping or contacting us if you are sick.