Mindfully Malignant – A Cancer Support Group

Mindfully Malignant” is a support group for those with cancer, those in remission, or those caring for someone with cancer. 

Once diagnosed with cancer, patients are automatically inundated with an avalanche of information and options. Often, the patient is in shock. That is normal, as well as experiencing stages of grief. There is no right way to deal with cancer; it is subjective and personal.  

We believe it helps to have a community of other cancer patients or caregivers to share or listen to each other’s experiences. However, attendees are fine to come and listen; participation is unnecessary.

SJN parishioner, Brenda Long, herself a HER 2-triple positive breast cancer survivor, will lead the group. Brenda begins and ends each group meeting with mindfulness and prayerful meditation. There is a new topic to discuss each month, and suggestions for group topics are always welcome.

“Mindfully Malignant” is not a therapy group; it is parishioners helping fellow parishioners when they are terrified, sick, anxious, and stressed.  

We hope to make this a monthly gathering – our initial meeting will be held in the Social Room of St. John Neumann this Thursday, May 11, at 7:00pm.

If you should have any questions, please call Brenda at 617-347-6819.